Hi, I am Lucas van Walstijn. I live in Berlin and I am originally from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I am interested in statistics, statictical learning, machine learning or whatever you want to call it. Basically, I find it just fascinating to find meaningful insights from data. I like studying the theory and foundations as well as interesting applications (which spans more or less everything but marketing related topics..).

I really enjoy the algorithmic, progressive approach of machine learning vs the more strict approach of econometrics and statistics. I guess my journey really took off with the reading of the excellent article which blew me totally off my feet. I can relate very well to the ideas and principles which are outlined by Breiman. It has been exactly for these reasons (about which I will write a post at some time or another) that I didn’t continue my studies in econometrics after finishing my Bachelor degree in Amsterdam. A while ago I wondered how different the course of my studies and life would have been, had I been familiar with this paper (or this field in general) at the time..

Instead I started studying physics and after a couple of years ended up in (geo) informatics, 3D city models, CityGML and other OGC standards, web applications, software development, project management and the like. Since about half a year now I have been studying machine learning. What started with reading about machine learning on the weekends and evenings grew out to me quitting my job in June 2017 to commit myself to a full-time study.

This blog aims to document some of the things I learn on this journey. Mostly for myself, or for anyone who finds it interesting. If you want to get in contact, don’t hesitate to write me on twitter or write me an email: maillucas[-at-]gmail[-dot-]com